We Are Fine ~ Sharon Van Etten

We Are Fine: The Gift of Mindfulness

It’s okay to feel. Everything is real. Nothing left to steal.
‘Cause we’re alright.
We’re alright.

~ Sharon Van Etten, “We Are Fine”

Mindfulness is the act of consciously focusing the mind in the present moment without judgment and without attachment to the moment. When mindful, we are aware in and of the present moment. We are open to the fluidity of each moment as it arises and falls away.

Mindfulness practice is the repeated effort of bringing the mind back to awareness of the present moment, without judgment. It includes the repeated effort of letting go of attachment to current thoughts, emotions, and circumstances.

Mindfulness is not a place we get to. Mindfulness is a place we are. It is the going from and coming back to mindfulness that is the practice. It’s just this breath, just this step, just this struggle. Mindfulness is just where we are now, with our eyes wide open, aware, awake, attentive.

~ Excerpted from Mindfulness Skills Teaching Notes by Marsha Linehan

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