Artists and Creative Professionals

Are you an artist who has a desire to improve your professional and personal relationships? Are you a musician who would like to learn how to communicate more effectively with management or other members of your band? Are you a creative professional struggling with anxiety or depression? Are you a spouse or significant other to an artist who needs support?

Drawing upon two decades of experience and insight from my previous career in the entertainment industry, I now provide individual and group therapy to creative artists, musicians, and industry professionals in an effort to help them improve their workplace dynamics and personal relationships.

If you’re not enjoying your creative passions like you once were, or you’re struggling to do the job that once brought you joy, I can help you process those emotions so you can get back to expressing yourself in a healthy and productive way.

I invite you to reach out and schedule a complimentary phone consultation. We can talk about what’s happening in your life and how I can help.

Areas of Specialization

  • Creative Blocks
  • Support for Managers
  • Support for Family Members
  • “Family Therapy” for Bands
  • Touring and Traveling Issues
  • Performance and Stress Management
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